WARNING: This site contains major spoilers for the anime FLCL.  This site is intented as a resource for people who have seen the entire six episode OVA. If you have not seen the entire series, and are confused about the events of an episode, wait until you have completed the series. Then come here if you are still lost.

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  • February 21st: Well, no need to worry about ugly stickers being put on the DVD case for any further Synch-Point releases, according to an email I recieved today, the sticker-on-dvd-case was a mistake done by the packaging company....which Synch-Point complained to endlessly. “We complained a great deal A GREAT deal about this to the [DVD Replicating Company], and we are taking care that they don’t do this to our third volume [of FLCL],” Synch-Point customer service representative said today.
  • February 20th: Picked up FLCL vol 2 today from the mail drop. I have only had time to watch both episodes once. Few comments, well, one comment for Synch-Point: DO NOT PUT STICKERS ON THE ACTUAL DVD CASE!  Other than that, seems like a great job. The booklet is smaller compared to Vol 1, but that is because there was no manga to translate and print. Same great information, including a BGM (and I was “working” on that too....my plan was to finish episodes 3 and 4 before this DVD came out, so I couldn’t be charged of just copying thier work..), a commentary by the lead singer/song writer of the pillows, references, and more.
  • February 17th: Ahhh...On Friday I recieved an email from The Right Stuf saying that my order for FLCL Vol 2 has shipped.  This DVD was supposed to come out on the 25th, but it appears Synch-Point was able to give us all a week early release. =)
  • January 24th:  Added a Wallpaper section to the Downloads section.  Four Wallpapers are currently available, all made by Unilynx
  • January 24th:  Still working on the music guide and catagorizing the images by episodes.
  • November 8th: Added pics from Episode 6 to the various character galleries.
  • November 4th: Back online! =)
  • November 3rd: Added pictures from Episode 5 to the various character galleries.
  • November 2nd: Added Episode 2’s music guide to the Music page.
  • November 2nd: Added a music guide for Episode 1.  I know that Synch-Point included one in thier DVD release, but I made this one without using thiers...Since DVD 2 isnt planned to be released until late February, I figure I should have all episodes up before Synch-Point.
  • November 2nd: Just after I uploaded with the last bit of news, the HiSpeed Agefive server closes down, for good.  We are in the process of switching servers, which is hopefully done today.  If you sent any email, and I haven’t replied, most likely it is lost.  If you could, please resend to the same address, and it should go to the new email server.  Sorry for the inconvience.
  • November 1st: According to AnimeonDVD.com, Synch-Point has set a release day for February 25th 2003 as the release date for FLCL Vol2.  =(
  • October 30th: Made a new (and more useful) entry page. Since it has links to everything, I might just dump this page and and one line of text for whatever I updated last.  I dunno.
  • October 27th: Added a bunch of pictures from Episode 4 to the various character galleries.
  • October 20th: Researching to find out what guitars are in the anime. I have found pictures of models close to Haruko’s and Canti’s.  Have not yet identified Naota’s.  If anyone knows, email me.
  • October 15th: Added a bunch of pictures from episode 3 to the various character galleries.
  • October 14th: It looks like the domain name crisis has been averted. We were able to get the agefive.com domain again, so all is well. Also we will have our new server provider up in a few days, so if the site becomes unavailable for a while...we’re just switching servers. Added and organized pictures in the character gallery.
  • October 11th: Forgot to mention, updated characters and made the empty music page.  And I just thought ot something.  I will be uploading this update page to http://www.ayso290.org/FLCL/navigation.html/ it will not be the permenant site, but it will be a worthwhile stand in until a new domain can be named.
  • October 11th: I would just like to say that HiSpeed Webhosting sucks.  If you have a website hosted by these jackballs, stop doing so.  These imcompetent monkey stranglers have stuttered and bungled for the past month or so, when they were supposed to be re-regestering the Agefive.com domain name. Bah. So, in about ten days this domain will move over to someone else. Yea. Immediately after buying the Agefive.com domain (which we errored in by buying it through HiSpeed....we didnt actually buy it, which just let HiSpeed buy it and then lease it to us.  Not the deal we thought we were getting.), various other websquatters bought the domains for AgeOne, AgeTwo, AgeThree, AgeFour, ect.  So, this domain, AgeFive, is probably already on the plate of some hungry squatter.  We will be getting a new domain, I dont know what it will be yet, but we will be back.  As soon as I find out the new domain name I will post it.  If you want to be emailed with the new address send me an email at coneill@usc.edu (note:  do not use the quadrophenic address since if Agefive goes capput, so does that email address.)  Thanks.
  • October 11th: Updated the Characters. Began making the individual character galleries. Added the Medical Mechanica profile under characters. Deleted the “Gallery” page.  All pictures are now found in the individual character galleries.
  • October 11th: Added more pictures to the gallery.  I might delete the gallery page, and rather make links to individual character galleries from the Character page. I might replace the “Gallery” page with a “Music” page (to keep six buttons at the top since that fits well...yeah) with whatever information I can find on FLCL’s background mucis (The Pillows biographies/Discographies too, if I can find information on it).  If I dont find enough information for a “Music” page, I will think of something else to replace “Gallery” with.  If you have any suggestions email me.
  • October 10th: Added a picture. Added a winamp skin to downloads.
  • October 9th: Almost ready to go public. Would like to get a counter, but I figure, meh, it worthless. I just need to clean up this page, and the other pages contents. After I do accounting homework I will.

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